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News, February 2003

JVPerform now runs with Windows-XP, go to the download page and download JVPerform2003 now!

When you want to read the timecode from your DAT or VCR and you have a midi-interface with SMPTE? Try this nice
MidiMonTC program. JVEditW99 now can be placed in any directory. Added dragdrop functionality.

The JV-XP Performance Editor, with the same friendly user interface as the
JVEditW99 program, is finished. It's called JVPerform99. Have a look at the
screens page

The latest version of the JVEdit Patch Editor is called JVEditW99.
When you register, you'll receive a registration key within two day's.

There is a new function
[Copy Tone] added. You can copy all tonedata from one tone to
one or more (all) tones with one mouseclick.

Old news for new readers:

Use this editor for your JV1010.

Added a [Save To JV] USER-bank or CARD-bank Button for easy and fast saving.
There is also a button to work with the effects-editor in performance mode.

A Sysex receive bug, which crashed the program when editing common-patchparameters
on the XP50, XP60 or XP80 itself, is corrected.

- Updated 5 april 2001 -