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I bought my JV-1080 in august 1995. It's an incredible good sounding synthesizer, especially if you expand it with some expansion boards. It's also highly flexible. However, programming the synthesizer from the front panel is quite complex. For two years I surfed the net in search for a good and comprehensive editor. There are so much parameters to set, you can almost not do this with the JV knob and the little display without loosing sight of what you are doing.

Then there is the confusing issue of the controllers. The two system controllers, SYS-CTRL1 and 2, and the three Patch controllers. Don't forget the assigneble Effect controllers. Giving a name to a just created patch, or finding why there is no sound at all sometimes. Without a program which shows it in one blink, you can be busy for several hours.

Because I could not find an editor which fulfilled all my wishes, I started programming myself. Having some years of programming experience with Pascal, and the brand new Delphi installed, I started this project the second of january 1998.

I think you should try it. You'll feel like you have a new synthesizer. There is a trial version to download . The XP series and the JV1010 are working well with this editor. And .. now you can make the Patch in Performance-mode sound just like the Patch in Patch-mode!
  Currently I'm working on a rhythm editor, incorporated in JVEdit and a way to adress two different JV's, because I have two now, 32 channels, great!

- Updated 25 march 2001 -