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The new JV-XP Patch & Performance editors. Very intuitive editors for the Roland JV-XP series.
They also work great with the new JV1010 or XP30.

The JV-XP Editor delivers everything you need for your JV-XP patch creation or customizing.
Integrated features provide instant response and maximum realtime control.

F e a t u r e s

  • Parameter view of all four tones in one window.
  • Full realtime editing. Also updates directly when editing on JV, XP.
  • Graphics(Filter, LFO, Velocity, etc.) to enlighten understanding, what's happening inside your JV.
  • Mixer for Reverb, Chorus, EFX, Level-Output, Routing etc. All in one view.
  • Functions like "TVA-TVF" together for added ease and refined tuning.
  • Info on how System controllers are set, when editing Patch controllers.
  • "Playnote" while editing, no need to touch keyboard.
  • Note and Controller Outputwindow to test CTRL-Settings.
  • System Exclusive In and Out-view (edit, copy, cut and paste to Cakewalk and add as syx file with Midi-file !!)
  • Second keyboard or other instrument input, like WX11, for instant soundtest, velocity and or breath-control respons.
  • Enhanced CTRL, LFO and EFFECTS view.
  • Full support for DATA-cards, all PCM-cards and Expansionboards up to 'Vocal collection'.
  Works with JV1010, JV1080, JV2080, XP30, XP50, XP60 and XP80.
When you use it with the JV1010 be sure to select EXP-A as the Sessionboard .
performance editor , with a great patch-finder, is available now. A separate bankmanager,
with sysex open & save, and more is under development. Download JVEdit or JVPerform .

. Updated january 2008 -