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Frequently Asked Questions related to JVEditW95 / 99.
How can I use this editor together with my sequencer?
Answer: When you don't have multiclient midi drivers, use Hubies MidiLoopback to make your midi-ports multiclient. See the Links page.

In the Wave-screen, after selecting waves INT-A for a tone, the wave-screen does not change?
Answer: No, this is a bug. Select another tone and go back to your original tone. Now the screen will get updated.

How do I select a patch from within JVEditW99?
Answer: You cannot. You will have to select the patch (in patchmode) with the sequencer or on the JV or XP itself.

How can I use this editor for my JV1010?
Answer: In the settings choose the EXP-A as the Session board.
Choose EXP-B for the board you installed yourself.
The EXP-C and EXP-D have no meaning for the JV1010.

You still have questions? Please contact Nils Andriessen.

- Updated 5 april 2001 -