JV-XP Patch Editor readme text.

Dear User,
Before unzipping: Unzip (extract) to a drive with [ Use Directory Names ] on.
All the appropriate directories and file copy's will be made. (recommended).

If you don't want to do this, (for whatever reason) look at directory structure and:
Make a directory: JVEditW99 or something you like
with subdir: EXP.TXT, and subdir: PATCHES. (these names are fixed!)
You can see this in the zip archive. I've selected 'save directory names'.
Please place the files in the appropriate directories.

You can place JVEditW99 in any directory now, but keep all the files in the same directory.

A b o u t - t h e - p r o g r a m :

You can choose the height and velocity of the editnote with the noteoutwindow,
see menu options or press [F10].

K e y b o a r d (non-musical but typing)

Have fun,
Nils Andriessen.

- Updated 29 november 1999 -